Downloadable Experimentation ADTool®️


Download it and learn by doing.
“The true method of knowledge is experiment.” -William Blake

What is it?

The Experimentation ADTool®️ is a canvas to visualize and actualize organizational alignment and learning.

Together with the agile ADpad it is one of our preferred discovery tools to iterate toward desired outcomes by developing capability for designing experiments.

Shaped by years of practical application to gain traction and momentum with organizational learning.

It is as simple as effective. 11 steps to unleash your potential to shape the future.

How is it structured?

Eleven steps to reveal what gets in the way of your desired outcome:

+ Plan: complete steps 1 through six and socialize these among the key stakeholders involved.

+ Do: Take action! Perform the planned activities, and through the structure of the tool, document and recognize the delta in plan vs. actual by completing steps 7 & 8.

+ Check: after each individual action, and after all planned actions in total, capture the key learnings inherent in what you tried. Could you perform the action as planned? Did you prove or disprove your hypothesis? How? Why? Let the document reflect learnings from all key stakeholders in sections 9 & 10.

+ Adjust: based on what the experiment revealed, what is the consensus on what to do next? … Maybe try the experiment again with fewer variables and higher fidelity to the plan? Change the way the work is done as a result of what the experiment taught? Adjust your hypothesis? Use the adjustment section (11) to create alignment with a bias for action and quickly iterate toward desired outcomes.


Downloadable formats for printing or utilization in digital format:

+ Printable format in pdf.

+ Apple Keynote Template to use digitally.

+ Microsoft Powerpoint template to use digitally.