OKR Operating System

This enterprise system is limited to ActioGlobal customers. If you are not an ActioGlobal customer and you are interested, apply now. We will contact you to evaluate the capability of this system to help you achieve superior and unrivaled impact. We value impact over anything else.

What is it?

The OKR Operating System is a blueprint that provides a clear design for a new agile operating model.

OS contains two decades of applied experience in more than 50 transformations, 32 countries and 24 sectors.

The operating model in the blueprint powers more than 5500 agile self-organized teams to improve more than 25000 OKR (Objectives and Key Results) every year.

Who is it for?

Suitable for senior executives and leadership teams that need an action-oriented framework to assess and improve the organizational capability to deliver superior value through agility.

How is it structured?

The OKR·Operating System Blueprint is built by six iterative dimensions that constitute an agile operating model.

The six fundamental dimensions that are developed incrementally are:

+ Progressive prioritization of outcome-driven value.

+ Adaptive organizational network.

+ Growth of agile self-organized teams.

+ Governance and decision making.

+ Discovery and Delivery.

+ Leadership transformation

What it will teach you:

+ How to develop an OKR Operating System that builds an agile operating model.

+ How to develop leaders to unleash the power of agility.

+ How to upskill and reskill teams to focus on customer-centric outcomes, some of which might require coordinating with teams that sit beyond their own reach.

+ How to move beyond implementing isolated agile methodologies like OKR, scrum or kanban to implement a holistic agile operating model.

+ How to build a synchronized learning organization where teams missions are loosely coupled but tightly aligned with a governance system to ensure that the overall organization is geared toward generating value.