Downloadable Personal OKR ADTool


Download and use it.
No future is built by looking at the past.

What is it?

The Personal OKR ADtool is the definite canvas to enable you to achieve your goal.

Together with the agile ADpad it is one of our preferred tools to plan, execute, and learn to achieve our quarterly and yearly personal OKR [Objectives and Key Results].

Developed after decades of trial and error in the relentless pursuit to find a simple practice to focus and execute on what matters most.

It is as simple as effective. A tool that will unleash your potential to shape the future.

How is it structured?

A proven structure to achieve agility and high performance:

+ Two versions: Quarterly and Yearly to stay focused on what matters most.

+ Objectives and Key Results definition.

+ Execution backlog with TO DO – DOING – DONE structure.

+ Key Result status check every week / month (depending on the version).

+ Confidence level check every week / month (depending on the version).

+ Every OKR displayed in a A4 sheet.


Downloadable formats for printing or utilization in digital format:

+ Printable format in pdf both for the quarterly and yearly versions.

+ Apple Keynote Template to use digitally.

+ Microsoft Powerpoint template to use digitally.