How the best companies in the world shape the next.

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What is it?

The Playbook is the zero to one playbook for high performance, high-impact transformation.

The Playbook contains two decades of applied experience in more than 50 transformations, 32 countries and 24 sectors.

These are the principles that have powered more than 15000 leaders to shape the next in their organizations.

Who is it for?

Suitable to take leaders from zero to one in the business transformation needed to achieve agility and high performance.

How is it structured?

The PEAK Playbook is divided into 5 iterative phases and 15 cycles of experimentation containing more than 30 tools to guide you through the process to achieve a high-impact change.

+ Discovery: the why – how – what of PEAK transformation towards business agility

+ Ignition: shaping the transformation

+ Upskilling: building the skills for a successful transformation

+ Drumbeat: making the transformation happen

+ Growth: learning, improving and scaling the impact of the change

What it will teach you:

+ How to prepare an organization for an impactful change

+ How to engage the hearts and minds of leadership and associates

+ How to upskill everyone to think, act and learn in a radical different way

+ How to make the change happen every single day

+ How to build a learning organization where accelerated change is the only normal