Winning in the digital age

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What is it?

The PLAY·Phygital Playbook offers a practical guide for reinventing the core of your business, with practical insights into 6 building blocks of digital transformations.

The Playbook contains two decades of applied experience in more than 50 transformations, 32 countries and 24 sectors.

The principles in the Playbook have powered more than 10000 hybrid multidisciplinary teams to improve more than 45000 business metrics and key results through a phygital [hybrid digital and physical] execution.

Who is it for?

Suitable to upskill senior executives on how successful digital transformations need to be conducted to deliver impact at scale.

How is it structured?

The PLAY·Phygital Playbook is divided into 4 transformation blocks and 2 organizational enablers containing more than 25 frameworks to guide you through the process and achieve a high-impact change at scale.

The transformation blocks develop into 4 phases:

+ Discovery: the why – how – what of phygital transformation towards digital superiority.

+ Experimentation Bootcamps: building the skills for a successful digital transformation.

+ Execution: unlocking the full value of digital across the organization.

+ Systemization: building the digital operating system to achieve double-digit impact at scale.

What it will teach you:

+ How to prepare an organization for double-digit impact at scale.

+ How to engage the hearts and minds of leaders to recognize the power and promise of a digital transformation.

+ How to upskill every associate to discover and deliver through a phygital flywheel.

+ How to move beyond incremental change to transform the business at its core — where the greatest value is generated.

+ How to build a learning organization that breaks through the gravitational pull of their legacy organizations and captures the full value of digital.