The Enterprise Agility Maturity Model

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What is it?

The Enterprise Agility Maturity Model is a holistic, collaborative, and phygital approach to understand, design and achieve business agility across an organization.

TEAM·M contains two decades of applied experience in 32 countries and 24 sectors.

The Model has powered more than one thousand leaders across the world to taking agile beyond scrum, kanban, pilots and scattered initiatives.

Who is it for?

Suitable to provide senior executives with a practical pattern for reconfiguring an organization to create value through agility.

How is it structured?

The Enterprise Agility Maturity Model is built by ten transformational factors and three enablers.

The transformational factors are:

+ Customer obsession.

+ Self-organization.

+ Collaboration network.

+ Continuous adaptation.

+ Technical excellence.

+ Data-driven digital mindset.

+ Systemic innovation.

+ Execution management.

+ Feedback and learning.

+ Governance and decision-making.

What it will teach you:

+ How to assess and improve the organizational capability to deliver superior value through agility.

+ How to upgrade your business holistically to achieve agility and high performance.

+ How to upskill and reskill teams to be customer obsessed while being hyper efficient.

+ How to successfully achieve agile-at-scale driving the organization beyond the implementation of scrum, kanban, pilots and scattered initiatives.

+ How to realize the true promise and potential of a corporate agile transformation, even in a world of constant and dizzying change.