The lean ADpad


What is it?

The lean ADpad is the tool chosen by those leaders who like the simplicity and effectiveness of this ADpad to get things done, whilst working with others, learning, taking action.

Developed after decades of trial and error, and not finding a practice that consistently worked to get stuff done and keep our promises It is simple and highly effective. A tool that will impact your personal capability to fulfill the commitments you make to your customers, colleagues and yourself.

How is it structured?

A proven structure to achieve deliver what is neeeded:

+ ADpad for the full year.

+ Getting stuff done: 52+1 weeks to have a prioritized backlog and a timeboxed execution process to keep your promises.

+ Pages for notes at the end.

+ Every week displayed in two comfortable 148×210 sheets.

+ Timeless: Planner without fixed weeks. Plan the weeks however you want.


High-performing, high-quality ADpad for high-performing leaders:

+ Paper 120 gsm FSC.

+ 110 pages.

+ Cover paper 280 gsm.

+ Lightweight

Everything you need, nothing you don’t.

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